Code of Conduct


Civil Servants must conduct themselves with integrity. The Civil Servant Code of Conduct, derived from the National Ordinance Substantive Civil Servant/Landsverordening Materieel Ambtenarenrecht (LMA), gives these and other examples as to how to behave as a Civil Servant with integrity:

  • Every person entering the service of Government must take the oath or the pledge. This means that the civil servants state that they shall perform their function in good faith. (LMA art. 43-1);
  • I must conduct myself in a manner befitting a good civil servant. (LMA art. 44-1);
  • During the prescribed work period, I am not allowed to occupy myself with serving private interests or those of third parties (LMA art 46 1-2);
  • I am not allowed to use rough or improper language at work (LMA art. 44-3);
  • I may not consume or have alcoholic beverages in my possession at work (LMA art. 46-4 a,b);
  • I have to ask permission through my Department Head if I would like to have a side job or involve myself in any other business activities in addition to my job as a Civil Servant (LMA art. 51 -56);
  • If I am approached by a third party, to accept a gift or promise for doing my work, I have to inform my Department Head immediately (LMA art. 58-60) ;
  • I shall not leak any confidential information of the Government to the outside. I am bound to secrecy in my position (LMA art. 61-62);
  • I report reasonable suspicions of any integrity breaches to my Department (LMA art. 85).


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