Screening of Candidate Ministers

The formation of the government and screening process of candidate ministers finds its legal basis in the National Decree of May 22, 2013 (LB-13/0442) and in the Kingdom Decree of October 17, 2014. The Governor, who is the decision-making authority to appoint candidate ministers, only proceeds with the appointment of the respective minister once the eligibility of the nominated candidate minister has been investigated.

In order to ascertain the integrity of each individual minister, the Governor, via de Formateur, requests of the Attorney General and of the National Security office (VDSM: Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten) to each conduct their fact-finding investigations in their respective domain. For the VDSM this entails that all facts and circumstances surrounding the candidate-minister’s assets, functions, relations, legal obligations & compliance, and activities are investigated. The findings are compiled in a report and presented to the Formateur and to the Governor for decision making. VDSM’s role in this process is solely to provide the decision-making authority with factual information surrounding the candidate ministers.