Mission & Vision

National Security is the protection of vital interests of our country, its people, its visitors and the Kingdom against internal and external threats in order to prevent social disruption.


VDSM promotes national security by identifying in a timely manner internal and external threats that might not be directly visible.  To this end the Service carries out various tasks which are included in the National Ordinance on Security Service.  The precepts underlying these tasks are integrity, professionalism, independence and being bound to the rule of law.


VDSM would like to be a Service that is authoritative and influential.  Being an authority means that the Service is accepted by the country, its people, its visitors and the Kingdom.  In addition to that, the Service aims to be impactful by solidifying its information position and by supporting stakeholders and partners in a timely manner. The Service would like to position itself within society by conducting itself in a professional manner, transparent where possible and closed where necessary. VDSM aims hereby to provide partners and those with vested interests, from an independent information position, with unique information, context and perspective.  In so doing, we can identify threats to our national security interests promptly and if necessary, address them.


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