Who We Are


October 10, 2010, was an historic moment for Sint Maarten.  The Netherlands Antilles, due to constitutional changes, ceased to exist at this time.  Sint Maarten achieved country status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and consequently became responsible for its own national security; the National Security Service Sint Maarten/Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten (VDSM) was established.  Even though its predecessor, the Netherlands Antilles Security Service/Veiligheidsdienst Nederlandse Antillen (VNA) had provided services for Sint Maarten in this regard, the VDSM had to be established from the ground up. 



Head of the National Security Service Sint Maarten

J.E.A. (Jérôme) Beeldsnijder holds the position of Acting Head of the National Security Service. Mr. Beeldsnijder began his career in the Royal Netherlands Army and was deployed to various high risk countries. He gained extensive experience spanning some 20 years in military and intelligence fields, sometimes under extreme conditions. His experience includes security risk management in high risk countries, contingency planning, anti-kidnap management and security audits. He has also held various positions in the intel community.