Complaints Procedure

In accordance with Article 58 of the National Ordinance on Security Service, all persons who take the view that VDSM has acted improperly with regard to them may submit a complaint to that effect to the Supervisory Committee (Committee). If the complaint regarding the conduct of VDSM is submitted to an administrative authority, it will be transferred by that authority to the Committee for processing.

The Committee will investigate the complaint and shall notify the complainant and the Minister of General Affairs (Minister) in writing of its view within 20 weeks of receipt of the complaint. The correspondence will not include data that would provide insight into the resources deployed, the confidential sources or the current level of knowledge of VDSM.

If the Committee finds a complaint justified, it will advise the Minister regarding the proper consequences, in its view. The Minister will only deviate from this advice if national security requires this.



The Committee can be contacted at:

The Courthouse
Attn: Secretaris van de Commissie van Toezicht Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten
Front Street 68, Philipsburg
Sint Maarten