Supervision & Accountability

Supervisory Committee

Supervision of the VDSM is regulated in chapter 11 of the National Ordinance on Security Service.  The Supervisory Committee consists of three members and is responsible for:

  • Supervision of the legitimacy of the implementation of the matters laid down in the ordinance;
  • Providing the Minister of General Affairs with information on the Committee's findings and advice, at his/her request or otherwise;
  • Investigating and assessing complaints regarding VDSM's performance.

Minister of General Affairs

The Head of VDSM continually informs the Minister of General Affairs of the outcome of the Service's work and notifies him/her of all matters that may be relevant to the performance of his/her duties.  This is because the Minister bears full ministerial responsibility for the functioning of the Service.  It is also the only way the Minister can comply with his/her role of monitoring and supervising the Service.

Ministry of General Affairs website: 

General Audit Chamber

While the accounts of the VDSM are potentially open to review by the General Audit Chamber, it is important to note that this may only be done by the Chairperson and Secretary General.  They may also be assisted by management of the Government Accountants Bureau.  Furthermore, the binding regulations of the National Accountability Ordinance only apply to VDSM if it is expressly mentioned as an organization in the implementation regulation of the Accountability Ordinance.

General Audit Chamber website:


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